If Marie Antoinette had owned a personal helicopter, it might have…

In an alternate timeline where 18th-Century rulers ride about in custom-made vehicles, Marie Antoinette's Lilicoptère is a personal aerial transit device where function grossly follows form. Covered in pink feathers and encrusted with gems, the Lilicoptère would be a glamorous bauble in which to crash and burn. » 8/11/12 11:30am 8/11/12 11:30am

A Curious Photo of a Dinosaur being Airlifted over Boston

This odd sight graced the skies of Boston in 1984 as a helicopter delivered a model dinosaur to the city's Museum of Science. But in a still photo, we can almost imagine that it's headed toward the zoo instead. » 7/29/12 10:00am 7/29/12 10:00am

This quadcopter is made from a taxidermied cat

Orville certainly isn't the first cat to fly, but he may be the first cat to do so under his own power. Watch Orville go where no kitty was meant to go. » 6/02/12 11:00am 6/02/12 11:00am

Mini-helicopter can swoop down and grab anything with its robotic hand

A new remote-controlled helicopter is the first to use a robotic hand to pick objects off the ground and safely fly away with them. Check out a video of the Yale Aerial Manipulator in action. » 8/30/10 9:30am 8/30/10 9:30am

Girls In Speed Racer Get Matching Lipstick, Outfits, and Aprons

Christina Ricci wants you to know how her character in Speed Racer gets to kung fu fight, fly a helicopter, and wear matching lipstick. She even has "a specific outfit that she wears when she flies the helicopter." Ricci says the film celebrates her "as a girl and a woman," and adds that the Mom character "always has… » 2/05/08 2:30pm 2/05/08 2:30pm