What if Hellboy 3 Isn't The Next Hellboy Movie?

If you loved Hellboy: The Golden Army, cherish your memories. Guillermo del Toro says that there won't be a third Hellboy for years... but that's not to say there won't be a Hellboy sequel earlier. » 1/30/09 11:00am 1/30/09 11:00am

Step Inside The Making Of Hellboy 2 With Guillermo Del Toro

Watch director Guillermo del Toro geek out over Seth McFarlane's voice work as the ectoplasmic spirit Johann Kraus in Hellboy II: The Golden Army » 10/28/08 3:40pm 10/28/08 3:40pm. In a behind the scenes featurette on the new DVD release, McFarlane takes us into the studio with del Toro. It's probably the most endearing look into the wold of both of…

Big Red Saves Babies And Kitties In New Hellboy Clips

Some new clips from Hellboy II: The Golden Army showcase the softer side of everyone's favorite demon hero and a few of Guillermo del Toro's latest creepy crawlies. Including one gigantic squid monster and a creepy bag-lady demon. » 7/02/08 8:20am 7/02/08 8:20am

Conquering Humans and Pissed-Off Elves in Hellboy II Animated Prologue

Since history is written by the conquerors, sometimes the conquered require a little backstory. With that in mind, Hellboy fans can get a sneak peak of Hellboy II: The Golden Army with an animated version of the Hellboy II prologue comic that Dark Horse gave out at this year's Wondercon, in which Dr. Bruttenholm… » 6/29/08 9:00am 6/29/08 9:00am

Hellboy's Ectoplasmic Spirit's Live-Action Debut

Watch Johann Kraus beat up big red in some new Hellboy II: The Golden Army clips. Kraus is probably the one character I'm most excited about in Hellboy II, second only to all of the creepy and wondrous creatures that come out of Guillermo Del Toro's monstrous mind. Partially because he's voiced by The Family Guy's… » 6/27/08 12:40pm 6/27/08 12:40pm

More Zingers From Big Red In Hellboy II TV Trailer

Last night Universal premiered the new Hellboy II: The Golden Army TV spot during American Idol. Dripping with voiceovery goodness, the new trailer gives you a better look at the creepy royal siblings and a few more bizarre Guillermo del Toro creatures. » 5/22/08 12:40pm 5/22/08 12:40pm

Hellboy II's Dog Rears All Three Of His Heads At Last

At New York Comic-Con Guillermo del Toro promised to post a sketch of the three-headed dog he'd been forced to drop from his monster-filled flick Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Good to his word, check out the puppy from hell pictures dedicated to NYCC's fan and young filmmaker to-be Nick. It was originally going to be… » 5/19/08 11:56am 5/19/08 11:56am