8 Vampires Who Make Bloodsuckers Into Badass Monsters Again

Too long have vampires been portrayed as heroes, lovers, fops, and/or glitter-covered emotional disasters. We remember a time when vampires were monsters, and the only reason they were trying to get into your teenage daughter's bedroom was to drink their blood and murder them. Here are eight vampires who refuse to be… » 2/27/14 10:20am 2/27/14 10:20am

The 11 Most Evil Villains in Anime

Do you think Skeletor, the Joker, Megatron and Lex Luthor have the market cornered on evil? Not so fast. The world of manga and anime is just as full of villains as Western comics and cartoons are, and they’re no slouches in the murder and depravity departments. Here are 11 anime and manga villain you wouldn’t want to… » 8/28/13 12:00pm 8/28/13 12:00pm

No, David S. Goyer is not directing a live-action Hellsing movie

Yesterday, Comic Book Movie reported that David S. Goyer would be tackling a feature film adaptation of the vampire manga Hellsing produced by an independent film company. Bolstered by the film's "official" website and claims of those supposedly involved, a couple of folks have repeated the report. Let's nip this… » 12/30/12 9:00am 12/30/12 9:00am

Stories that prove there's a fine line between zombie and vampire

True Blood returns tonight, and last season's finale dropped several clues that this season might introduce zombies alongside our usual cast of vampires, werepanthers, fairies, and shapeshifters. But are zombies and vampires really all that different? » 6/10/12 9:00am 6/10/12 9:00am

Science Fiction's Scariest Priests and Preachers

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Thirst's vampiric priest is hardly the first man of the cloth to fall prey to his darkest urges. We found plenty of soul-stealing, blood-sucking, eye-gouging, and just plain creepifying priests and preachers who haunt the churches of scifi and horror. » 7/31/09 1:30pm 7/31/09 1:30pm