What if Tintin author Hergé wrote X-Men comics?

We've seen many a bizarre Tintin homage in our day, but this comic strip by the illustrator Yop! over at French comics site Mooloozone is especially neat. It's in French, but the plot should be pretty familiar to any X-fan. The only major difference is Wolverine mentions Loch Lomond. I always assumed he was a Canadian… » 12/16/11 8:15am 12/16/11 8:15am

What if Tintin had his own Iron Man armor?

As one of io9's Hergéophiles, I've been absolutely digging Dan Hipp's apocryphal adventures of Tintin. Now he's teamed up the boy reporter with a familiar playboy industrialist. Will Tony Stark put Captain Haddock on the path to sobriety? Tintin's armor really should have a built-in tungsten cowlick, though.
» 8/23/11 8:15am 8/23/11 8:15am

The lost adventures of Tintin take us to Tatooine and Mars

We've previously featured parodies of globe-trotting Tintin covers, and here are 12 more of his never-was escapades. Watch as Hergé's boy adventurer, his faithful dog Snowy, and Captain Haddock battle the Teen Titans and enter the Grid. » 5/08/11 8:15am 5/08/11 8:15am