An Ancient Site Discovered At Stonehenge Could Thwart Tunnel Plans

Archaeologists working at Stonehenge have found the oldest-known Mesolithic encampment in the United Kingdom. The remarkable discovery of the 6,000-year-old site adds a new complication to the British government's plan to build a 1.8-mile (2.9 km) tunnel beneath the site. » 12/22/14 8:40am 12/22/14 8:40am

The British Government Wants To Build A Tunnel Under Stonehenge

In an effort to ease traffic around the region, the British government has announced proposals to bury the A303 highway under Stonehenge. The howls of outrage have begun. » 12/02/14 1:02pm 12/02/14 1:02pm

A 5,000 year-old pyramid has been completely levelled in Peru

A pair of construction crews have utterly flattened a 5,000 year-old pyramid near Lima, Peru. A similar incident happened in Belize this past May, prompting archaelogists to ask, WHY THE F*CK IS THIS BEING ALLOWED TO HAPPEN? » 7/03/13 2:30pm 7/03/13 2:30pm