Heroes May Have Ended, But We've Still Got The Puppet-Master's…

The Heroes webseries is back, bringing us incoherent entertainment we never even wanted. The first two episodes of the Puppet-Master-centric "Nowhere Man" have aired already » 4/28/09 5:29pm 4/28/09 5:29pm

Again With The Miltary Lady With The Rack?

Heroes webisode wonders continue right where the last Recruit left off. Mills is still getting mind molested by Angela Petrelli, but our buxom heroine is planning her escape. » 12/30/08 2:29pm 12/30/08 2:29pm

Heroes Webisode Mind-Sexes Recruits, And Steals 4 Minutes Of My Life

Even as Heroes goes on hiatus for the winter, the show's webisodes are cranking up. The Postman will be a hard act to follow, but I think we may have a winner with The Recruit. » 12/18/08 1:30pm 12/18/08 1:30pm

Heroes' Democracy Is A Lie

Even as you vote for which one-dimensional character will star in more upcoming Heroes » 9/30/08 2:20pm 9/30/08 2:20pm webisodes — Santiago the religious mechanic or Audrey the angry Parisian teen — it seems as though NBC has already chosen the winner. Our faith in the voting process is destroyed! Spoiler TV got it's hands on casting information the…

Mailmen Have Unrealistically Hot Girlfriends, In Heroes Webisodes

In what alternate reality does a postal worker get to come home to a sexy Latina in Victoria's Secret undies? That's just one of the pressing questions raised by the second Heroes webisode, "Unexpected Guest." » 7/21/08 3:30pm 7/21/08 3:30pm