What it's like to tear down an abandoned Japanese highway on a motorbike

It's The Walking Dead Gumball 3000! Like a real-life version of the short animated movie Ruin, this cameraman thought it would be a fun idea to tear ass down a derelict stretch of road in Japan as fast as possible. Nifty, albeit not advisable! » 4/30/12 11:15am 4/30/12 11:15am

This six-story highway through Manhattan is a great lunatic moment in…

As controversial as Robert Moses' automobile-heavy redesign of New York City was, none of his projects matched the sheer insanity of this skyscraper-sized highway proposed by one-time NYC health commissioner Dr. John A. Harriss in 1930. » 1/22/11 10:05am 1/22/11 10:05am