Why Hipsters Are All the Same

Are you sick of so many bearded, flannel-shirted, thick-rimmed-eyeglass wearers slowing down the lines in your coffee shop before they crowd up your sidewalk as they scoot their way to their artisan butchery class? Are you tired of that quirkily homogeneous mass of humanity? We'll tell you why it exists. » 2/23/14 12:00pm 2/23/14 12:00pm

9 Hipster Zombies Who Took Over the World

Being dead — yeah, it's a thing that happened. It was a little awkward. But get over it, OK? Use your app, take your meds, whatever. It sucks to be a hipster zombie, but here are nine examples of the hip and partially dead who are totally making the best of it. » 6/19/13 11:38am 6/19/13 11:38am

The Most Hipstery Superhero Makeovers

Superheroes get redesigned all the time — it's just part of the genre. And it's totally fine to complain about this — it's part of being a fan. But sometimes, a superhero gets a makeover that's not just radical, or "kewl," but... hipstery. » 9/13/12 1:30pm 9/13/12 1:30pm

Brooklyn hipsters try to guess what the Higgs Boson is

If you've been following the excitement about yesterday's Higgs Boson discovery, now's your chance to feel vaguely smug. Vice Magazine's Motherboard went out in Brooklyn and asked hipsters what the Higgs Boson is — and their answers may alarm you somewhat. Science literacy is taking a back seat to hairstyle… » 7/05/12 9:48am 7/05/12 9:48am

The Hipster X-Men were feared and loathed by humanity before it was cool

What if Wolverine worked as an artisanal maple syrup farmer who made side cash ironically fronting a Bryan Adams cover band with his single-monikered, flannel-wearing friends "Puck" and "Sasquatch?" Then he'd probably be hanging out with some of these X-Hipsters designed by Nate Bellegrade. » 5/23/12 7:00am 5/23/12 7:00am

And for further…

Hipster Ariel and Harry Potter aren't too cool for cosplay

So it seems that hipster cosplay is officially a thing, but at least it's a pretty funny thing when it's done well. Hipsters Ariel and Harry prove that cosplay — and making fun of hipsters — is never too mainstream. » 4/14/12 4:00pm 4/14/12 4:00pm

Thanks to time travel, Hipster Companion did everything before it was…

New companion Jenna-Louise Coleman hasn't even been on an episode of Doctor Who yet, but she's already a meme. That's because she's the Hipster Companion, on the cutting edge of everything in time and space. » 3/31/12 2:30pm 3/31/12 2:30pm

Hipster He-Man and Other High-Fashion Cartoon Heroes

He-Man has been around since 1980, and it's high time he got a wardrobe update. Illustrator Fabian Ciraolo is happy to oblige, designing new looks for the prince of Eternia and other cartoon favorites: the Thundercats, Jem, Captain Planet, and She-Ra all earn themselves a fashion makeover. » 3/24/12 5:00pm 3/24/12 5:00pm

Elderly future hipsters reminisce about the Internet's glory days

Once hipsters start collecting social security, how will all those ironic t-shirts and QR code tattoos hold up? Will the future elderly tell their grandchildren about their nebulous community manager jobs and funny cat videos? This video stares 50 years into the future, when aging hipster remember the golden age of… » 2/10/12 9:40am 2/10/12 9:40am

At last scientists offer a possible explanation for urban hipsters

We've all seen the movie set-ups. Some fresh young thing gets off a bus from nowheresville and walks breathless through the Big City. They gape at the tall buildings, the fast cars, and the strange people. Look! There's a guy with three assistants all dressed in matching uniforms! There's a woman with a mohawk! Over… » 2/24/11 8:30am 2/24/11 8:30am

In mythical Brooklyn, the Karma Police are very real

In Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell, hipsters rub elbows with minor deities, angels spend their downtime getting stoned, and followers of Richard Dawkins are seen as irrational loonies. It's also a world where bad karma has very real consequences. » 8/14/10 8:15am 8/14/10 8:15am