The Hipster X-Men were feared and loathed by humanity before it was cool

What if Wolverine worked as an artisanal maple syrup farmer who made side cash ironically fronting a Bryan Adams cover band with his single-monikered, flannel-wearing friends "Puck" and "Sasquatch?" Then he'd probably be hanging out with some of these X-Hipsters designed by Nate Bellegrade. »5/23/12 10:00am5/23/12 10:00am

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Elderly future hipsters reminisce about the Internet's glory days

Once hipsters start collecting social security, how will all those ironic t-shirts and QR code tattoos hold up? Will the future elderly tell their grandchildren about their nebulous community manager jobs and funny cat videos? This video stares 50 years into the future, when aging hipster remember the golden age of… »2/10/12 12:40pm2/10/12 12:40pm

At last scientists offer a possible explanation for urban hipsters

We've all seen the movie set-ups. Some fresh young thing gets off a bus from nowheresville and walks breathless through the Big City. They gape at the tall buildings, the fast cars, and the strange people. Look! There's a guy with three assistants all dressed in matching uniforms! There's a woman with a mohawk! Over… »2/24/11 11:30am2/24/11 11:30am