The Forrest Gump Syndrome: Soft History, Full Of Famous People

We tend to idealize the past. We file off a lot of the rough edges, imagine everybody having better teeth, and generally tone down a lot of the ugliness. This can be problematic — especially when we soften the depiction of past atrocities. And science fiction and fantasy contribute to this. » 8/05/14 4:00pm 8/05/14 4:00pm

Webcomic Pang, the Wandering Shaolin Monk kicks kung fu and comedy into…

Shi Long Pang is an unlikely Shaolin monk, and if he's not careful, he's going to be a dead Shaolin monk. After escaping the burning of his temple, this pudgy little holy man is wandering Yunnan province looking for the lost members of his order. But he'll have to make sure the Qing Emperor's bannermen don't find him… » 9/08/12 8:30am 9/08/12 8:30am

10 Themes Shared By Historical Fiction and Science Fiction

You love spaceship fights and zooming through futuristic cities like Coruscant. But you also love gladiator fights and seeing 1920s Atlantic City recreated for Boardwalk Empire. Why is that? Though historical fiction is supposedly based in facts about the past, the genre has a surprising amount in common with the… » 11/17/11 11:35am 11/17/11 11:35am