How Border Drones Were Born During the Vietnam War

From 1968 until 1973, the US military spent about $1 billion a year on a new computer-powered initiative intended to end the war in Vietnam. It went by many names over the years — including Practice Nine, Muscle Shoals, Illinois City and Dye Marker. But today it’s most commonly known as Operation Igloo White. »9/23/15 5:05pm9/23/15 5:05pm

New Discoveries Could Explain What Happened to the Lost Colony of Roanoke

CROATOAN. The word was found written on a fencepost in the lost colony of Roanoke, and it still intrigues us after 425 years. But this 16th century settlement is more than a legend. It’s also the subject of archaeological and historical investigations that are now starting to yield answers. »9/10/15 1:42pm9/10/15 1:42pm

Diary of Soviet Ambassador to London Rewrites History of World War II

From 1932 to 1943, the Soviet ambassador to London kept a personal diary, the details of which were only recently revealed. It tells the exceptional story of a diplomat who tried to harmonize Soviet and British interests, while also demonstrating how events could have unfolded very differently. »9/10/15 9:45am9/10/15 9:45am