History Channel's Vikings is just as brutal as Game of Thrones

Vikings, the new scripted show from the History Channel is bonkers violent. It's like Game of Thrones without the nudity. Backed by historical research and lots of sexy Australian actors, this show is the channel's first venture into scripted drama. Thankfully writer Michael Hirst from Elizabeth, Elizabeth: The… » 2/11/13 2:00pm 2/11/13 2:00pm

New Television Series Examines Life Without Humans

Movies like The Mist, I Am Legend, and Cloverfield depict aliens, monsters from the briny deep, and superviruses hell-bent on driving people out of the cities and off the face of the Earth. But what would really happen tomorrow if everyone suddenly vanished today? A new series on the History Channel called Life After… » 1/16/08 2:00pm 1/16/08 2:00pm