This "alien bluegrass band" movie is seriously delightful

The History of Future Folk is a light and zippy alien comedy, which feels like Flight of the Conchords but with a touch of Blues Brothers and a touch of Safety Not Guaranteed. If that sounds like your cup of tea, you should definitely check it out. » 6/03/13 1:46pm 6/03/13 1:46pm

A Strong Candidate for Greatest Science Fiction Dance Sequence Ever

Science fiction is full of great dance sequences and supervillain musical numbers. But this scene from The History of Future Folk is still a strong contender to be the best of the bunch. There's a cop-and-criminal tango, interspersed with a balletic alien kickpunching fight. Awesome. » 5/31/13 11:40am 5/31/13 11:40am

"The Best Alien Folk Duo Scifi Action Romance Comedy Movie Ever Made"

There is absolutely nothing not to love about this trailer for The History of Future Folk, an immensely charming indie movie about and alien named Bill who comes to Earth to destroy it, but instead fall in love with our music. And when another alien named Kevin arrives to assassinate him, they start a band. » 5/02/13 11:30am 5/02/13 11:30am