Watch Orson Welles's Ludicrously Insincere Apology for Scaring the Crap Out of America

On this very night in 1938, Orson Welles’s production of the H. G. Wells classic, The War of the Worlds, convinced many unwary radio listeners that a Martian invasion was underway. The next day, Welles told reporters he was deeply sorry for scaring people—and you can watch his “apology” below.
»10/30/15 3:00pm10/30/15 3:00pm


The Sisters Who "Talked to the Dead" and Sparked America's Seance Craze


The birth of America’s Spiritualist movement can be traced back to a quiet hamlet in rural New York and the popping joints of two little girls. It began in 1848, when sisters Kate and Margaret Fox of Hydesville, New York decided to play a prank on their superstitious mother. »7/16/15 2:01pm7/16/15 2:01pm

Seth Davis Promotes His Mom's Hoax Cancer Cures

There have never been more options for those convinced that the medical establishment is hiding secrets from them. Look at the Google ads running down the sidebar of just about any website you visit, and you're almost certain to see ads about "natural" cures—gluten-free diets and alkaline water, superfoods and… »2/19/15 2:11pm2/19/15 2:11pm