The Woman Behind Children Of Men Takes Over Universal Pictures

Donna Langley just became the first British woman to run a Hollywood studio — and joined a very exclusive club of female power-brokers in Hollywood — by becoming co-chair of Universal Studios. In her previous role as president of production, she was responsible for Mamma Mia!, one of the few big women-focused hits of… » 10/09/09 7:00am 10/09/09 7:00am

Has SciFi Finally Worked Its Way To Hollywood's Big Kids Table?

Dark Knight's Oscar buzz has been circling since the first "Why So Serious?" ad. And now that some science fiction television series garnered a handful of Emmy nominations yesterday, people are wondering if this could be the year the red-headed stepchild of the entertainment industry gets a well deserved pat on the… » 7/18/08 8:20am 7/18/08 8:20am

In The Battle Between 3D And IMAX, We All Lose

Now that Dark Knight director Chris Nolan has boasted about shooting his bat-epic on IMAX how many will follow in his footsteps and make movies for the big boy screen? Flight Of The Dragon has announced that it will be going the way of the Bat and filming the live-action dragon flick in 4K resolution for IMAX release.… » 7/08/08 3:30pm 7/08/08 3:30pm

SAG Strike: Much Ado About Nothing, Or Disaster For Scifi?

With all the fussing and fretting over the possible Screen Actors Guild strike, it's surprising that it's so far gone nowhere, and doesn't seem to be harming our beloved scifi movies at all. Was it the fact that people were tired of talking about a strike or did the public just not care what the actors had to say? The… » 7/02/08 3:30pm 7/02/08 3:30pm

George Lucas Will Change The Way Hollywood Works — Again

Welcome to Hollywood Slavebots, a new column where I'll uncover the seedy underverse of scifi Hollywood to show you how money-grubbing studios, bad contracts and bickering execs will change your scifi entertainment future. Thirty years ago, George Lucas changed Hollywood forever, with the original Star Wars. Now he's… » 6/30/08 3:51pm 6/30/08 3:51pm