New Community trailer unleashes the power of the Dreamatorium!

Get a sneak peek at the brand new episodes of Community in the first trailer for the "Greendale Seven." What did we spy? Evil Abed, an Inspector Spacetime outfit, and one fully functioning Dreamatorium! New episodes of Community will start on March 15th on NBC! Until then, check out the animated short the study gang… »3/08/12 10:20am3/08/12 10:20am


A Brief History of Reality Distortion Fields, Starring Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is the first non-science fiction character to possess a reality distortion field (RDF). Apple's MacWorld 2008 conference kicks off tomorrow with a keynote from Jobs, which leaves gadget lovers and iPod fiends white-knuckled on Tuesday morning as news of the next "insanely great" thing trickles out of… »1/14/08 2:00pm1/14/08 2:00pm