Juries Of The Future May View Crime Scenes Via "Forensic Holodecks" 

Is the Oculus Rift headset poised to become a game-changer in the courtroom, offering juries a way to evaluate evidence in greater detail than ever before? According to new research, "forensic holodecks" (yep, that's a Star Trek reference) that reconstruct crime scenes could soon become valuable courtroom tools. »1/12/15 2:28pm1/12/15 2:28pm

Oh Man, Life-Size Holograms Could Be Coming to Your Living Room

Holograms have always been a quick, easy way for movies to tell us they're taking place in the future. As soon as you see someone talking with a human-sized hologram, you realize there's no way you'll ever be able to do that, and a part of you dies. Now, a company on Kickstarter promises to bring you the holographic… »7/27/13 12:54pm7/27/13 12:54pm

Tupac Shakur came back from the dead as a hologram at Coachella

Given that we live in an era when Japanese pop groups build synthetic singers using preexisting members' facial features, this shouldn't be all that surprising. At the Coachella Music Festival last night, Tupac Shakur — who has been dead for almost 15 years — was resurrected by means of an unnervingly realistic… »4/16/12 9:25am4/16/12 9:25am