Oh No! It's the Attack of the 30 Foot Marilyn Monroe!

This is magical. There's no reason why this statue was abandoned at a garbage disposal company in Guigang, China. It just appeared. And there is something so wrong about seeing this thing tipped onto its face. » 6/20/14 3:00am 6/20/14 3:00am

Watching This Sea Anemone Eat A Bird Will Completely F@#k You Up

One afternoon, while looking through a photo archive, oceanographer Kim Martini saw an image that looked like "a purple Butterball turkey being attacked by a lime green scrunchie." Her co-worker, Lisa Guy, corrected her: It's a baby seabird being consumed by a sea anemone. » 5/07/14 9:20am 5/07/14 9:20am

Terrifying Footage from Inside Home Hit by an EF4 Tornado

Nearly 1,500 homes were destroyed in a powerful tornado outbreak that swept across the midwest on Sunday, leaving at least eight people dead in its wake. » 11/24/13 2:49pm 11/24/13 2:49pm

Here's how long you can survive after being buried alive

Here's hoping you never need to use this bit of information, but just in case: Popular Science's Christina Cale has a rough estimate of how long you could safely breathe in a coffin buried six-feet underground. » 11/01/13 9:20am 11/01/13 9:20am

My God, Texas Is Full Of Stars!

This time-lapse fish-eye-lens photo of the night sky over Texas is incredible, thanks to a red-lens filter that allows us to see the galactic core of the Milky Way rising up at the end. [Gizmodo] » 5/19/09 3:00pm 5/19/09 3:00pm

The Most Shocking Gunfight Ever, From Last Night's Jericho

This scene from last night's episode of post-apocalyptic survival show Jericho really startled me. I had to rewind my DVR a bit, because I didn't believe what I was seeing at first. It was the first really surprising thing in this whole season of Jericho, which has been cool and subversive, but not really startling… » 3/05/08 5:30pm 3/05/08 5:30pm