There May Be A Disease That Makes An Octopus Eat Its Own Arms

Here's a horror with which to start your weekend. Multiple octopuses have been spotted engaging in autophagy — otherwise known as self-eating. They will consume their own arms, and no one knows why. » 3/27/15 5:30pm Friday 5:30pm

I Paid a UX Expert $100 to Get Drunk and Evaluate Gizmodo's Design

It happened late on Tuesday night. Of course I was working. "Have you seen this?" my colleague Chris Mills texted. He followed up with the link to a site where a rather devilish-looking UX professional promised to get drunk and evaluate the website of your choice. Only $75! I knew I had to do it, and that Gizmodo… » 3/26/15 11:39pm Thursday 11:39pm

Showcase Your Interest In Animal Cruelty With This Creepy "Ant Watch"

Philadelphia-based Analog Watch Co. has unveiled its latest product, a watch-like accessory that houses anywhere from three to five harvester ants. The company calls it a "living conversation piece," but it's probably just an April Fool's joke. (Please let it be an April Fool's joke!) » 3/26/15 12:20pm Thursday 12:20pm

We Want This Can Of Yeti Cave Air In Our Cabinet Of Curiosities

If the recent news that purported samples of "Yeti hair" were actually sourced from ordinary Himalayan brown bears is still bumming you out, here's a novelty item to cheer you up: canned air from Azasskaya Cave, ground zero for Abominable Snowman sightings in Siberia. » 3/26/15 10:30am Thursday 10:30am

This MCU Themed House Turns Your Living Space Into Avengers Tower

Sure, there's being a fan of the Marvel movies — watching them all, going to midnight screenings, buying the merch, reading the comics — and then there's decking your house out with wall-spanning prints and giant logos. That's like, Coulson-levels of fanboying right there. » 3/24/15 10:20am 3/24/15 10:20am

Game Of Thrones Hug Buddy Is The Saddest Thing To Come Out Of This Show

Game of Thrones has killed off your favorite characters, tortured your darlings, and murdered your beloved dire wolves. But truly the "Hug Buddy" is the biggest evil to come out of this brilliant but brutal series. » 3/23/15 3:37pm 3/23/15 3:37pm

Police Dispose Of 20,000 Pounds Of Fireworks By Detonating Them All

Recently, 20,000 pounds of fireworks were seized in Glasscock County, Texas, and the local bomb squads helped the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to dispose of them. How? By exploding the whole lot of them over the course of three and a half days and creating a tower of sparkling smoke. » 3/21/15 2:40pm 3/21/15 2:40pm

Watch Seed Fluff Burn While The Grass Remains Untouched

I don't recommend doing this, but I do recommend watching it. A couple of people set fire to one edge of a drift of cottonwood seeds. The fire travels slowly from one side of the drift to the other, leaving the grass underneath it unburned. » 3/20/15 5:30pm 3/20/15 5:30pm

Sony To Make 300-Style Romeo & Juliet Movie Because Life Is Still Pain

When you think of the greatest romance stories of all time, there are only two that are incontestably at the top: William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, and, of course, Frank Miller's historical war fantasy 300. Which is no doubt why Sony plans to combine the two love epics in a single movie. » 3/20/15 9:15am 3/20/15 9:15am

Holy Cow, The Latest Ninja Turtles Comic Has One Hell Of A Shock

Wow. If you've not been keeping up with IDW's excellent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic by Tom Waltz and Kevin Eastman, you might have just missed out on a jaw-dropping turn of events for everyone's favorite mutant animal ninjas. Be warned: major spoilers beyond the cut! » 3/19/15 1:23pm 3/19/15 1:23pm

First Exclusive Look At The Guardians Of The Galaxy Porn Movie!

Are you ready to get hooked on a feeling, in a whole new way? Because Lee Roy Myers, the man who gave us The Humper Games, Doctor Whore, The Knobbit, and Game of Bones, is making a Guardians of the Galaxy porno. And we've got the exclusive first (mostly work-safe) look. Come and get your love! » 3/16/15 11:00pm 3/16/15 11:00pm

Hilariously Creepy Statues Of Marvel Heroes Will Help You Dish Out Candy

Do you enjoy giving out candy to people and also freaking them out at the same time? Yes? Good! Then these are just for you. Look into that Thor's eyes and tell me you wouldn't say no to a dig around in his candy bowl. » 3/16/15 3:45pm 3/16/15 3:45pm

Topps Are Bringing Back Star Wars Trading Cards... In Digital Form

Ah, trading cards. We all amassed piles of them when we were younger, be it Pokémon, Star Wars, sports or whatever. Now, at least for their Star Wars line, Topps are bringing the cards back... as part of a digital app that is literally nothing other than buying pictures on your phone. » 3/14/15 12:57pm 3/14/15 12:57pm

Disturbing Satellite Images Show How The Lights Have Gone Out In Syria

The ongoing civil war in Syria is literally sending the country back to the dark ages. New satellite imagery reveals that 83% of nighttime illumination has disappeared in Syria since the start of the four-year conflict that has claimed the lives of 200,000 people and displaced nearly half its population. » 3/12/15 6:20am 3/12/15 6:20am

This R2-D2 Hangs Out In Your Fridge And Reminds You Not To Waste Energy

The Force Awakens may not be out for another 9 months, but I think we might have reached peak 'weird Star Wars' tie-in merch: This tiny little R2 sits in your fridge and furiously beeps at you if you leave the door open too long. It's also meant to single people feel less lonely, too! » 3/11/15 6:38pm 3/11/15 6:38pm

A Mere $21,500 Will Buy You A Life-Sized Hulkbuster

You thought Hot Toys' take on the Hulkbuster was expensive? Wait till you get a load of Beast Kingdom's newly unveiled Hulkbuster statue. No, you can't climb inside. But my word, what a humongous beast it is! » 3/10/15 2:21pm 3/10/15 2:21pm

Some Of The Weirdest Pen Names Science Fiction Authors Have Used

The name Eando Binder sounds exotic and kinkily Teutonic — but it's actually a pseudonym for Earl and Otto Binder, who turned "E and O" into the science-fictional-sounding "Eando." Learn the origins of James S.A. Corey, Murray Leinster, James Tiptree Jr., and other unusual SF pen names, over at Barnes & Noble. » 3/09/15 2:59pm 3/09/15 2:59pm