Perfectly Preserved 1950s Home Is A Living Time Capsule

Now you can own a little piece of the past. This gorgeous Toronto home is being sold by its 96-year-old owners, who have had this house in their possession for 72 years. And they certainly decorated the heck out of it. The house looks like it was put in a bubble during the 1950s and 1960s—so great. So, so, so great.… »4/10/14 6:30pm4/10/14 6:30pm


These giant hamster balls could have been the mobile homes of the future

In modern society, we can make move across the country at the drop of a hat, packing up our stuff in suitcases and trucks and shipping containers, but if you want your house to come with you, you'd better live in a trailer or have your home chopped up and put on flatbeds. But if you lived in this spherical home, you… »3/24/12 1:30pm3/24/12 1:30pm