There were just too many humans for Neanderthals to survive

The extinction of the Neanderthals remains a matter of intense debate. Were we smarter than them? More warlike? Or perhaps we simply sexed them into extinction? The real answer might have more to do with our quantity than our qualities. » 7/31/11 2:05pm 7/31/11 2:05pm

Paleontologists discover what Neanderthal fashion looked like 44…

A Neanderthal burial site in Italy reveals hundreds of bird bones mixed in with those of our hominid cousins. The bones had the feathers scraped off, as though the Neanderthals had removed them on purpose - and the only plausible reason they would do that is to wear the feathers. It's more evidence that Neanderthals… » 2/21/11 3:30pm 2/21/11 3:30pm

Orangutan DNA offers a strange genetic mystery

Orangutans, the most distant of our great ape relatives, changed less in 15 million years than our species has in 200,000. And yet orangutans also have tremendous genetic diversity, an apparent contradiction that has created a strange evolutionary riddle. » 1/26/11 12:44pm 1/26/11 12:44pm

Were our earliest hominid ancestors hunted by saber-toothed tigers?

Several million years ago, one of our oldest primate ancestors may have lived in fear of prowling saber-toothed tigers, according to new fossils that place the fearsome predator in the exact same part of Africa as these ancient primates. » 1/03/11 10:41am 1/03/11 10:41am

Newly-Discovered Hominid Species Might Be Homo's Closest Ancestor

Two fossil skeletons found in South Africa reveal a new species of hominid. They may provide an evolutionary link between the early hominid Australopithecus and our own Homo genus. » 4/08/10 6:40am 4/08/10 6:40am

Theories on Why Our Bigger Brained Predecessors Vanished

Wait. We're not the smartest of them all? Turns out there was a hominid species before us with a brain a quarter larger than our own. So why isn't anyone talking about it? » 12/29/09 3:43pm 12/29/09 3:43pm