Honest Trailers reveals Gravity is an epic tale of bumping into stuff

You know you can still mock good movies, right? That's why Honest Trailers chose Gravity — a film they clearly genuinely like — for its newest installment. It's still just as funny as when they take on crap like Batman & Robin. And besides, now we know Gravity would be even better with pinball sound effects. » 2/18/14 8:00pm 2/18/14 8:00pm

Honest Trailers aims its phasers at Star Trek Into Darkness

It's been a long time anybody has mentioned that Star Trek Into Darkness is not, in fact, a very good movie, so thanks to the Honest Trailers guys for getting this important message back out there. Looking back, I have no idea why we thought a movie that didn't have the sense to use a colon would be okay. » 8/20/13 3:30pm 8/20/13 3:30pm

Honest Trailers takes on its easiest, greatest target: Batman & Robin

"Shooting fish in a barrel" is a phrase that has a negative connotation, implying that it's too easy to shoot fish which are trapped in such a contained space. But what if the fish really have it coming? Find out as the Honest Trailers guys work their magic on the most anemic of opponents, Batman and Robin! » 7/31/13 1:40pm 7/31/13 1:40pm

Honest Trailers points out the horrible danger of actually thinking…

When I mentioned earlier today in the DVD and Blu-ray listings that I had no real desire to watch The Dark Knight Rises again, I have to wonder if Honest Trailers - with a bit of help from the Red Letter Media guys - haven't figured out why. I mean, DKR wrapped up the trilogy well and was exciting and everything, but… » 12/04/12 2:00pm 12/04/12 2:00pm

After a Nation Rejoices at Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2, Honest…

Now that Bella has married Edward, become a vampire, had a creepy CG baby and given that baby to a teenage werewolf that wants to have sex with it (...eventually) in this weekend's Breaking Dawn Part Deux, we thought it was important to take a look back at how far we've come since a young, white blob first fell in… » 11/19/12 3:09pm 11/19/12 3:09pm