Science Fiction Movie Moments that Made Us Believe In Wonder

This past week, we've rekindled our sense of wonder, watching Curiosity land and explore a world millions of miles away. But the best science fiction and fantasy movies have a way of rekindling that same feeling of wonder, with amazing spectacle and powerful visions. » 8/09/12 2:06pm 8/09/12 2:06pm

A Flood Of 80s Comedy Remakes, From Big To Bill And Ted

Now this truly is a bogus journey. Three iconic 1980s films are being dug out of the graveyard of Hollywood ideas, and dusted off for another go. One of these has got to be a joke, but which? » 3/08/10 10:00am 3/08/10 10:00am

8 Sci-Fi Movies That Sucked As TV Shows

We all hope Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles will rock our TV screens, but chances are it won't. Over a dozen hit SF movies have morphed into live-action TV shows, and they all blew. Either the replacement cast was crappy, or the movie's single story idea didn't lend itself to endless episodes. Here are theā€¦ » 12/13/07 1:30pm 12/13/07 1:30pm