For A Movie About People's Dark Sides, Horns Is Curiously Lightweight

In Horns, Ig Perrish grows a pair of horns, and gains a superpower that's also a terrible curse. In Joe Hill's novel, this turns into an exploration of the darkness in human nature, including misogyny and jealousy. But the new movie version, while fun, never brings enough depth to support its misanthropic premise. »10/31/14 12:00pm10/31/14 12:00pm


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The new Superman director also explains Christopher Nolan's role in creation of this new Superman reboot, and how Henry Cavill might fit into Justice League. Meanwhile, who will be the Justice League's Batman? There's some new speculation. Plus your first glimpse of footage from the movie of Joe Hill's Horns, and set… »11/26/12 9:00am11/26/12 9:00am

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