Locke & Key Is Just As Haunting As An Audio Drama As It Is A Graphic Novel

Audible is taking one of the best comics in recent years has turned it into a dramatic audio presentation: Locke and Key. The production is a stunning adaptation and it proves that Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s horrifying graphic novel series is just as terrifying off the pages. Best of all? It’ll be a free… »10/03/15 2:00pmSaturday 2:00pm

Who's the Killer on Scream Queens? We Round Up All the Top Suspects So Far

Scream Queens made its debut last night, and between all of its Heathers worship and “tee-hee, I’m edgy!” deliberately offensive jokes, it introduced a serial-killer mystery ripped straight from the glory days of slasher movies. So, who’s that knife-wielding maniac hiding inside the devil costume? »9/23/15 5:12pm9/23/15 5:12pm

Kimberly Peirce's Remake of Carrie Struggled With Vagina-Phobic Execs Who Couldn't Say "Vagina"

When Boys Don’t Cry director Kimberly Peirce remade Carrie in 2013, everyone dismissed her version of the film as an unnecessary do-over. But Peirce had some ideas for how to make her version stand apart—including an awesomely weird ending, which freaked out studio executives who couldn’t even say the word “vagina.” »9/11/15 2:38pm9/11/15 2:38pm

Bruce Campbell May Host a Horror-Themed Reality Series, and Here's Why That's Terrifying

If the idea of another nerdy reality competition TV series fills you with dread... well, that’s kind of what the upcoming series Bruce Campbell’s Horrified is going for. The good news is, obviously, that the impossibly charismatic Bruce Campbell will be involved. The bad news is everything else. »9/10/15 5:20pm9/10/15 5:20pm

"It's Good To Be Confronted With Death": A Conversation With the Directors of the Horrifying Goodnight Mommy

One of the biggest stories about horror cinema in 2015 is actually the story of a trailer: When the American preview for the Austrian film Goodnight Mommy dropped in late July, it immediately went viral inspiring a rash of reaction videos and copy deeming it the “scariest trailer of all time.” (At this point, the view… »9/10/15 2:39pm9/10/15 2:39pm

How Halloween Horror Nights Makes America's Scariest Haunted Houses

Universal Orlando transforms itself into a murderous, terrifying gothic wonderland every fall. This year is the 25th anniversary of Halloween Horror Nights, and it’s filled with iconic scenes from horror history that make the guests victims in their personal horror movies. Here’s how they build their elaborate horror… »9/08/15 11:00am9/08/15 11:00am

Bloodsucking Bastards is the Office Horror Comedy We've Been Waiting For

Between What We Do in the Shadows and Bloodsucking Bastards, it’s an excellent time to be a fan of deadpan vampire comedies. The latter, which features Game of Thrones’ Pedro Pascal as the bloodthirsty new sales manager at a corporate office, boasts a clever script, a hilarious cast, and rivers of gore. What else do… »9/04/15 3:00pm9/04/15 3:00pm