Joan Collins Nearly Starred in This Movie About a Killer Pike

In 1982, Cliff Twemlow, a former nightclub bouncer turned library music composer for De Wolfe Music, sought to adapt his novel, The Pike, into a feature film starring Joan Collins. “The freshwater equivalent of Jaws”, The Pike told the story of a twelve-foot killer pike mutilating the locals of Lake Windermere, and… »Tuesday 5:00pm11/24/15 5:00pm

Ash vs Evil Dead's Exec Producer Talks Season 2—Plus a Clip From the Next Episode!

It’s been a while since we’ve been as excited about a new show as we are about Ash vs Evil Dead, which expands the world of Sam Raimi’s movies with humor, horror, and so much glorious Bruce Campbell. We spoke with executive producer Craig DiGregorio to learn what’s next for the show. »11/20/15 10:00am11/20/15 10:00am

Scream Queens' Jamie Lee Curtis Pays Tribute to Mother Janet Leigh and Psycho

While actress Jamie Lee Curtis independently became a “scream queen” through her role as Laurie Strode in the Halloween franchise, she also comes by her title through heredity. In 1960, Curtis’ mother Janet Leigh delivered one of the most iconic onscreen shrieks of all time as Marion Crane in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho »11/13/15 2:45pm11/13/15 2:45pm

A Brief History of Evil Children in Horror Movies

In celebration of Halloween, we took a shallow dive into the horror subgenre of evil-child horror movies. Weird-kid cinema stretches back at least to 1956’s The Bad Seed, and has experienced a resurgence recently via movies like The Babadook, Goodnight Mommy, and Cooties. You could look at this trend as a natural… »10/30/15 2:30pm10/30/15 2:30pm

A Play Casts a Sinister Spell on Its Actors In Takashi Miike's Spooky New Film

Takashi Miike has made nearly 100 films in 25 years. And his maniacal drive is reflected in his work—his films are often edgy to the extreme (just a few examples: Audition, Ichi the Killer, Thirteen Assassins). His latest, Over Your Dead Body, infuses a classic Japanese story with his signature flair. »10/29/15 7:45pm10/29/15 7:45pm

For a Movie About a Killer Doll, Child's Play Is Actually Pretty Terrifying

The Child’s Play series—now up to six films, with a seventh apparently underway—is now best-known for its campier entries, especially 2004’s Seed of Chucky. But the 1988 original doesn’t take that tone at all. Yes, it’s still about a killer doll. But it’s also surprisingly unsettling, for a variety of reasons. »10/15/15 8:21pm10/15/15 8:21pm

Why So Many Action Movies Are So Bloody Boring, According to Neil Marshall

Neil Marshall is one of our favorite action directors. From movies like The Descent, Dog Soldiers and Doomsday to Game of Thrones, he’s brought some of the best and bloodiest action to the screen. And now, he’s got a segment in Tales of Halloween, out tomorrow. So we had to ask him the secret of making action feel… »10/15/15 8:01pm10/15/15 8:01pm