A Brief History of Evil Children in Horror Movies

In celebration of Halloween, we took a shallow dive into the horror subgenre of evil-child horror movies. Weird-kid cinema stretches back at least to 1956’s The Bad Seed, and has experienced a resurgence recently via movies like The Babadook, Goodnight Mommy, and Cooties. You could look at this trend as a natural… »10/30/15 2:30pm10/30/15 2:30pm


The 5 Spookiest Movies That President Nixon Watched in the White House

I’ve become obsessed with the movies that US presidents watched while they were in office. So much so that I recently compiled my own list of all the movies Jimmy Carter watched in the White House. And now I’ve pored over Nixon’s complete list, compiled by author Mark Feeney. Nixon watched some dark shit. »10/29/15 3:00pm10/29/15 3:00pm

Check Out These Awesomely Evil Sketches from New Horror Anthology Film Tales of Halloween

Creepy horror anthology film Tales of Halloween contains segments directed by Neil Marshall (The Descent), Darren Lynn Bousman (the Saw series), and Lucky McKee (May), among others—including newcomer Paul Solet, whose segment “The Weak and the Wicked” yielded these creepy demon sketches. »10/14/15 1:20pm10/14/15 1:20pm

Meet the Horror Fan Who Built (and Lives In!) an Incredible Replica of the Halloween House

Tucked into the woods near Hillsborough, North Carolina is a house that might look like a quaint Victorian to most. Horror fans will instantly recognize it, though: it’s a mind-blowingly exact replica of one of the genre’s most infamous dwellings: home base for Halloween boogeyman Michael Myers. »10/12/15 4:30pm10/12/15 4:30pm

"Who Are We To Say That Cannibalism Is Wrong?": Eli Roth Savages "Social Justice Warriors" in New Flick

With The Green Inferno—the first of two new Eli Roth movies that will be released in the next two weeks—Eli Roth attempts the virtual impossible: making a modern cannibal movie. The Green Inferno is a throwback to the small but notorious cannibal subgenre of Italian horror movies that were made mostly during the late… »9/24/15 5:37pm9/24/15 5:37pm

"It's Good To Be Confronted With Death": A Conversation With the Directors of the Horrifying Goodnight Mommy

One of the biggest stories about horror cinema in 2015 is actually the story of a trailer: When the American preview for the Austrian film Goodnight Mommy dropped in late July, it immediately went viral inspiring a rash of reaction videos and copy deeming it the “scariest trailer of all time.” (At this point, the view… »9/10/15 2:39pm9/10/15 2:39pm

7 Reasons Horror Movie Sequels Can Only Get Less and Less Scary

People go to horror movie sequels for many reasons—genuine interest, idle curiosity, tradition, blind optimism—but they almost never go to be scared. Horror movie sequels don’t just negate the point of the previous movie, the negate the point of their entire genre. They can’t help being increasingly less scary than… »8/13/15 1:00pm8/13/15 1:00pm