How The Great French Wine Blight Changed Grapes Forever

One hundred fifty years ago, the Great French Wine Blight nearly wiped out an industry that today produces some 40 billion bottles of wine a year. The only solution was a radical fusion of species that remains essential to the success of the wine market. Here's the story of how humanity hacked the wine grape. » 3/17/15 11:39am 3/17/15 11:39am

The World's First Purple Strawberries

Horticulturists at Cornell University have announced a brand new cultivar that they're calling "Purple Wonder." Yes, we know what it sounds like, and no, this isn't a specially-bred strain of pricey medicinal pot; it's actually a brand new variety of strawberry, and apparently it's as delicious as it is striking. » 3/08/12 10:44am 3/08/12 10:44am

Vegetable orchestra: grow your own guitar

The Vienna-based Vegetable Orchestra is just what it sounds like: an orchestra that plays instruments made of fresh vegetables. The 13-year-old musical ensemble has played its experimental pieces in concert houses all over the world. » 7/03/11 8:00am 7/03/11 8:00am

Pirate Agricultures of the California Coast

When every crop has to be licensed from patent owners like Monsanto, only those practiced in the art of pirate agriculture will have reasonably-priced food. This gorgeous series of photographs from Mendocino's pot harvest might be a glimpse of that future. » 11/05/09 8:30am 11/05/09 8:30am