There's haunting, abandoned-building fascination galore, plus some intense graffiti, in this photo-heavy look at Long Island's shuttered Kings Park Psychiatric Center. Unsurprisingly, multiple horror movies have been filmed there; it's also the subject of a documentary made by a former patient. » 3/07/15 4:21pm 3/07/15 4:21pm

A Pirate-Themed CT Scanner to Set Children at Ease

Installed last year at the Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of New York-Presbyterian, this pirate ship CT scanner has proven so popular that even patients 17-21 ask to use it. And, let's be honest, we're older and we'd still choose it. » 7/02/14 1:30am 7/02/14 1:30am

The Decaying Remains of Abandoned Hospitals

Once, they healed the sick. Now they're decomposing themselves. There's something especially tragic about a hospital that's fallen into squalor, once-sterile facilities gone to mold and rust. Here are some of the most beautifully desolate abandoned hospitals on Earth. » 12/24/13 2:22pm 12/24/13 2:22pm

In the Hospital of the Future, babies were kept in plastic drawers

In the 1950s, Kaiser Permanente founders Henry Kaiser and Sidney Garfield unveiled their model for the Hospital of the Future. The most entertaining innovation was the baby cabinet, where new mothers could find their children stored like pairs of freshly folded socks. » 8/09/11 2:55pm 8/09/11 2:55pm