A bizarre igloo-shaped hotel lies unfinished and abandoned in Alaska

When in Alaska, build igloos? That appears to have been the thought behind Igloo City, a planned hotel located in Cantwell, Alaska, along the George Parks Highway. Construction on this architectural monstrosity began and ended in the 1970s, abandoned because the developers failed to follow the building codes. Now it's… »1/13/13 2:00pm1/13/13 2:00pm

This fantasy-themed bed and breakfast lets you sleep inside a Trojan bull

If you'd like to sleep inside a fairy tale (and not the parts where you're being eaten by wolves or danced to death by enchanted shoes), you might want to pay a visit to La Balade des Gnomes, a quiet bed and breakfast where you can live out your fairy tale dreams, including one inside the belly of a wooden bull. »3/31/12 2:00pm3/31/12 2:00pm