Here's a Stunning Look at Volume 2 of Mark Z. Danielewski's The Familiar!

Mark Danielewski blew everybody’s minds with House of Leaves. And now he’s trying to do something really ambitious and strange with his new project, The Familiar. It’s partly a serialized narrative in the style of a TV show, partly an art book, and partly a science fiction mystery. Check out a sneak peek at part two! »9/24/15 2:45pm9/24/15 2:45pm


Mark Danielewski is here to answer your questions about The Fifty-Year Sword

Mark Z. Danielewski is famous for experimental, challenging novels like House of Leaves and Only Revolutions. Now he's back with The Fifty-Year Sword, a strange novella that was originally released in a tiny print run from a Dutch publisher and is now coming out in a 75,000 copy print run. There's also a snazzy… »8/23/12 1:51pm8/23/12 1:51pm