There is a Predator-themed house for sale in Sweden, and it looks crazy

You know what this house needs? More fictional alien trophy hunter masks. It really ties the whole place together, don't you think? » 11/12/14 11:55am 11/12/14 11:55am

The Landscapes Of Suburbia Are The Real Science Fiction

Science fiction is often charged with naïve technological optimism and historical amnesia. But for present-day Californians struggling with a wide range of environmental and social problems, science fiction might just provide the perspective we need to successfully pivot from the boom times of the twentieth century to… » 1/30/14 5:03pm 1/30/14 5:03pm

How the U.S. Government Waged War Against the House of Tomorrow

Americans were promised one thing during World War II: life was going to be amazing in the "world of tomorrow." But when the war ended many companies, along with the U.S. government, turned back on that promise as quickly as they could. » 6/06/13 8:13pm 6/06/13 8:13pm

Tetris-piece micro house is designed to be stacked

Chinese design firm Studio Liu Lubin is exploring the concept of the "micro house," a structure that offers the minimum necessary indoor living space, with rooms that can be stacked on top of and alongside one another in an architectural game of Tetris. » 5/25/13 11:00am 5/25/13 11:00am

Pop-up orb city could house 10,000 people in six months

Is the future of housing round? The Elkinoid Project envisions a future where housing shortages are solved with sustainable, off-the-grid towns made up of thousands of orb-shaped houses. And each structure would take less than a week to build. » 1/08/12 12:30pm 1/08/12 12:30pm

Build a Post-Apocalyptic Shelter Out of Cloth: Just Add Water

Concrete Cloth makes the perfect addition to your apocalyptic shopping list. The flexible cloth is easily transported, but transforms into a sturdy concrete shelter after it gets wet. » 11/30/09 1:21pm 11/30/09 1:21pm

What Will It Take To Shrink Our Homes?

In twenty years, people will want homes that are half the size of today's mini-mansions, for half the price, a leading futurist claims. And housing will get denser, as exurban areas turn into small city centers. It all sounds awesome. The trouble is, futurists were making the exact same prediction twenty years ago,… » 12/26/07 2:15pm 12/26/07 2:15pm