The LEGO Movie Should Have Ended With Superman Kicking Ass

In their first stop-motion animation, the folks from How It Should Have Ended pretty much nailed the LEGO Movie. Unless the LEGO versions of superheroes don't have the same abilities, Superman and many of the other powerful characters should have made short work of Lord Business and his drones. Also, Batman should… »5/02/14 6:14pm5/02/14 6:14pm

Stan Lee makes Batman, Inception, and Star Wars better by adding more Stan Lee

The folks at How It Should Have Ended are pros at cooking up better, hilarious endings to blockbuster films, and Stan Lee has a tendency to show up in every Marvel movie. So what happens when the two team up to insert Stan Lee in non-Marvel movies? Let's just say there would be fewer Star Wars films in the world—and… »2/16/13 10:30am2/16/13 10:30am