How Growing Up in Oklahoma Got Daniel Wilson Excited About Robots

Former roboticist Daniel Wilson made a huge splash several years ago with his non fiction book How to Survive a Robot Uprising, and then set his optical implants on writing fiction. His debut novel Robopocalypse was a huge bestseller, and is set to become a Steven Spielberg flick. And now he's got a new novel out, … » 7/12/12 12:51pm 7/12/12 12:51pm

A robot uprising comedy from Jack Black and the director of Hot Tub…

Now that Steven Spielberg is adapting Daniel H. Wilson's Robopocalypse, another Wilson book is becoming a movie. Jack Black and Hot Tub Time Machine director Steve Pink have scooped up the rights to How To Survive A Robot Uprising. » 10/22/10 3:01pm 10/22/10 3:01pm

Robots Are Getting Their Own World War Z

With zombies, vampires, and ecological disasters destroying the world, it's time robots got another shot at the apocalypse. And soon a book and movie from the writer of How to Survive a Robot Uprising could put humanity under robot rule. » 11/04/09 10:01am 11/04/09 10:01am