The Bitchin Fantasy Artist You Didn't Know You Already Admired

You may not know Ian Miller's name, but you've definitely marveled at his ornate, harrowing art before. His work has adorned everything from H.P. Lovecraft book covers to Warhammer 40K concept art. And at last, 300 of his best pieces are being collected in a book, The Art of Ian Miller. We've got an exclusive peek,… » 4/10/14 12:51pm 4/10/14 12:51pm

The secret history of the book behind True Detective

Over the past week, we've been looking at references from True Detective to the book The King in Yellow published in 1895. But, the world The King in Yellow was building actually began years before that, with another book published in 1893. » 2/21/14 5:20pm 2/21/14 5:20pm

Lovecraft sketch shows the author's vision for Mountains of Madness

Still trying to wrap your head around H.P. Lovecraft's mysterious Elder Things and collection monsters who lived below the ice of the Antarctic? Well, now you can see exactly what these mysterious beasts looked like from the author's point of view, thanks to a few pages of recently discovered doodles right out of… » 9/03/13 8:30am 9/03/13 8:30am

Guillermo del Toro's sketches reveal his At the Mountains of Madness

We're still pretty sad that we're never going to Guillermo del Toro's vision for the H. P. Lovecraft story At the Mountains of Madness. Unfortunately budget cuts and Prometheus killed this movie, but it will live on forever in the much whispered about pages of Guillermo del Toro's sketch book. » 8/15/13 4:11pm 8/15/13 4:11pm

7 Real Natural Events that Inspired Works of Science Fiction

Science fiction is filled with tales that pit humanity against the natural world: earthquakes, meteor strikes, Sharknados. While some of those stories are birthed from abstract (or entirely made-up) fears, others are inspired by specific occurrences—comets, catastrophes, and climate events. » 8/04/13 7:00am 8/04/13 7:00am

Take a webcomic tour through H.P. Lovecraft's Dream Cycle stories

In the canon of H.P. Lovecraft, stories like "Pickman's Model," "The Shadow Over Innsmouth," "The Dunwich Horror," and, of course, "The Call of Cthulhu," are the most frequently adapted, but cartoonist Jason Thompson delves into the rich fantasy worlds of Lovecraft's Dreamlands in a series of webcomic adaptations of the Dream… » 5/04/13 8:30am 5/04/13 8:30am

Equality in sexy book reading achieved with "Naked Dudes Reading…

It was three whole years ago we told you about the "Naked Girls Reading Science Fiction" event held by The Pinchbottom Burlesque, but now we're happy to report those who prefer people of the penis-ed variety reading genre fiction aloud to them will finally have their chance, courtesy of Ham Pants Productions and Stage… » 2/06/13 6:20am 2/06/13 6:20am

Crowdfund a documentary about science fiction's forgotten visionaries…

Here are three intriguing film projects looking for a little crowdfunding boost: First is a documentary that uncovers the men and women who first thought up our favorite science fiction tropes, decades—and even centuries—ago. Next is an animated adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's short story "Dagon," with a nightmarish… » 1/13/13 12:00pm 1/13/13 12:00pm

H.P. Lovecraft's Advice to Writers: Read the King James Bible and…

What advice would horror writer H.P. Lovecraft give to writers? Lovecraft's work is filled with rich, often florid language, and he was keenly interested in the descriptive powers of language. It's no surprise then, that, when Lovecraft wrote an essay on writing fiction for The United Amateur, words and grammar were… » 1/12/13 10:30am 1/12/13 10:30am

Celebrate H.P. Lovecraft with amazing fiction and essays!

It's always a great time to pay homage to the master of eldritch horror — and The Revelator is here for you, with a fantastic H.P. Lovecraft themed issue. There's a highly entertaining editorial, plus amazing fiction by Meghan McCarron and Laird Barron. McCarron's "Lovecraft in Brooklyn" not only takes its name from a… » 1/02/13 12:50pm 1/02/13 12:50pm

The Cartoon Martha Stewart Guide to a Merry Cthulhumas

How do you bring a little Lovecraft into your holiday? You can sing Eldritch Christmas carols or decorate your tree with tentacles or put a Santa Cthulhu up on the shelf. Or you could go all out with Cthulhumas party, filled with undead party guests, Junji Ito's Enigma of Amigara Fault-inspired sweets, and the… » 12/23/12 7:00am 12/23/12 7:00am