The Biological Horrors Of H.R. Giger's Fleshy Landscape Paintings

Artist H.R. Giger was a master at twisting at twisting the biological and the mechanical, and even when he focused on flesh alone, he was able to create works that were truly unexpected—especially his series of biological landscapes, which like so much of Giger's works, are at once repulsive and compelling. »11/08/14 11:30am11/08/14 11:30am


The Greatest Science Fiction-Themed Bars and Restaurants on Earth

You may never get to drink at the Cantina — but you can still visit some real-life watering holes that celebrate your favorite stories. We've already shown you science-fictional bars we'd like to visit and people whose homes are based on spaceships, but here are real joints that boast a TARDIS, AT-ATs or the Martian… »6/10/13 6:28pm6/10/13 6:28pm

The Avengers' Leviathan warships could have been more H.R. Giger-esque

The Leviathans, the Chitauri's living warships, were invented for the Avengers movie and had to be designed from scratch. Avengers concept artist Phil Saunders has shared some of the early sketches for the Leviathans, including ones in which the ships had massive horns and this top one, which appears inspired by H.R.… »2/03/13 2:00pm2/03/13 2:00pm

H.R. Giger Tarot cards always predict an unsettling future

When the occultist Akron approached artist H.R. Giger about creating a deck of Tarot cards in the 1990s, Giger felt that he didn't have the time to create new works that would do the deck justice. So he selected 22 of his existing, previously unpublished pieces to represent each of the major arcana of Tarot. For those… »12/22/12 8:00pm12/22/12 8:00pm

Alien facehugger bong will make you paranoid, even if you're stone sober

I have no idea who's responsible for this work of art, but I'm now of the theory that this is a lost costume design from Prometheus, which was originally filmed as a $130-million remake of Reefer Madness. Remember, if an android slips THC in your wine, you'll grow a cephalopod in your bloodshot eyes that even Visine… »9/25/12 1:35pm9/25/12 1:35pm

Your Last Chance to See Some Truly Righteous Fantasy Art

This is the last weekend for an exhibit that includes some trippy art like the above "War of the Worlds" painting by José Segrelles, alongside some glorious paintings by Frank Frazetta, H.R. Giger, Boris Vallejo and more. "At the Edge: Art of the Fantastic" is ending on Sunday, at the Allentown Art Museum of the… »9/07/12 7:20pm9/07/12 7:20pm

What if Boba Fett starred in Game of Thrones, Total Recall, and Stargate?

For the upcoming As You Wish Project charity event, over forty Boba Fett and clone trooper helmets were redesigned by such luminaries as director Joe Johnston and artist Sandy Dhuyvetter, who both played a role in designing his original costume. Additionally, sculptors recreated the Mandalorian mercenary's headgear in… »8/18/12 12:40am8/18/12 12:40am

Alien, as written by an 11-year-old who never saw the movie before

In 1979, designer John White was 11 years old and had never seen Ridley Scott's Alien. Still, that didn't stop him from writing his own comic book adaptation of the film using markers and notebook paper. Explains White — who has also released his nine-year-old self's take on Star Wars — of his reference material: »1/31/12 1:50pm1/31/12 1:50pm