Our future robot overlords will be obsessed with Martin Scorsese's Hugo

There's no actual robot in Martin Scorsese's new movie Hugo — although there is a totally gorgeous clockwork man, whose workings are nothing short of magical. But the whole movie is a celebration of the earliest roots of our rising cyber-culture, and the ways in which people use technology to tell stories that live on… » 11/25/11 12:00pm 11/25/11 12:00pm

What Martin Scorsese's Hugo Taught Us About the Grandfather of Science…

Silent movie director, inventor and magician Georges Méliès is easily the grandfather of science fiction film. We even included his adaptation of Jules Verne's 1866 novel The Adventures of Captain Hatteras "The Conquest of the Pole" in our Top 50 Scariest Films of all Time. But you probably know him best as the man who… » 11/23/11 1:51pm 11/23/11 1:51pm

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How will The Dark Knight Rises put Batman through more pain than he's already faced in the first two Christopher Nolan films? And what will Batman learn from this torment? Christian Bale explains how The Dark Knight Rises will force Bruce Wayne to confront who he really is. » 11/21/11 6:00am 11/21/11 6:00am

Has the long-awaited Ender's Game movie found its young star?

At least one white dude won't be in the Akira remake. Martin Scorsese explains why his family-friendly fantasy Hugo is in 3D. A Joss Whedon veteran joins Grimm. Plus hints for the upcoming batshit insanity of American Horror Story! » 11/18/11 6:00am 11/18/11 6:00am

We've seen Hugo, Martin Scorsese's 3D children's movie

At the New York Film Festival this Monday, Martin Scorsese was on-hand to unveil the very first showing of his upcoming historical-fiction flick Hugo. It was an unfinished cut of the film — the occasional green screen popped into shots — but this screening gave audiences a taste of Scorsese's lustrous Parisian… » 10/12/11 3:30pm 10/12/11 3:30pm

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