The Cabal Attacks On Avengers Assemble And A Nod to Heinlein On Hulk

This week in the world of cartoons we take a look at another great episode of Rick and Morty, the return of Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., and a bizarre Christian Slater appearance on Archer. » 3/29/14 7:00am 3/29/14 7:00am

Donatello debuts a refurbished Robo-Turtle on TMNT

This week in the world of cartoons, we bring you a hard hitting look at the realities of video game addition on Steven Universe, TMNT features the return of an old Ninja Turtles "frenemy", and we catch a belated, but much awaited, episode of Hulk. » 2/22/14 7:00am 2/22/14 7:00am

The Miami Heat's Chris Bosh steps in for Idris Elba on Hulk

It's a strange week for cartoons - a two-time NBA champ takes the place of a fan favorite actor on Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fight the pizza topping of their dreams (a giant psychedelic mushroom), and if you close your eyes for long enough during certain scenes of Robocop, you… » 2/15/14 7:00am 2/15/14 7:00am

Regardless of your plans, the Hulk will have a worse weekend than you

Need a visual prompt for all the two-headed Hulk fan fiction you're addicted to? Thanks to this week's episode of Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., you now have a good one. » 2/08/14 7:00am 2/08/14 7:00am

Casey Jones looks AMAZING on the new TMNT

The Teenage Mutants Ninja Turtles, hot on the heels of some sneaked pics of their next live-action incarnation, return from their winter hiatus this week, and they bring a friend - Casey Jones. » 2/01/14 7:00am 2/01/14 7:00am

The Triumphant Return of the Powerpuff Girls!

The Powerpuff Girls are back! The trio returns for a special this week, Steven Universe jumps into bizarre world of professional wrestling, and we take a look at Rick and Morty, a 'toon from the mind of Dan Harman. » 1/25/14 7:00am 1/25/14 7:00am

Galactus tempts the Hulk plus a new My Little Pony!

This weekend in the world of cartoons, well...lots of shows are off for the holidays. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic stands alone as the sole new bit of animated joy this week, as Avengers Assemble, Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Steven Universe took the week off. » 12/14/13 7:00am 12/14/13 7:00am

Check out an alternate reality Avengers and a Potterish My Little Pony

This weekend in the world of cartoons we have an interesting selection for your viewing pleasure. Earlier in this week we were greeted by a visit from Root Beer Guy on Adventure Time, while this weekend an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic airs that I'm sure many of you will identify with. » 12/07/13 7:00am 12/07/13 7:00am

This Week's TV: The Year's Best New Cartoon Series is Here At Last

For anyone who's ever loved Adventure Time, there's excellent news. A brand new fantastical cartoon is on the scene, and it's our must-watch of the week. Plus the "Groundhog Day" trope has finally reached its absolute nadir. And a bunch of shows are back from their break. Check out clips and details for all this… » 11/04/13 9:00am 11/04/13 9:00am

This Week's TV: Could this be the year's most haunting new show?

A fantastical TV show that's gotten raves for its stunning imagery and emotionally powerful storytelling finally debuts in the United States, and it's our must-see show of the week. Other highlights include the Black Canary, the Little Mermaid, Root and Shaw teaming up, and the return of Felicia Day to Supernatural! » 10/28/13 9:00am 10/28/13 9:00am

This Week's TV: The Most Entertaining Pilot of the Fall Season!

That's right — there are some really exciting pilots airing later this fall, but the absolute most knock-down, drag-out entertaining opening episode airs this very week. Plus there are three season premieres, and a few season finales as well. Check out our complete guide to the week's television, below! » 9/16/13 9:00am 9/16/13 9:00am

This Week's TV: Legend of Korra returns. Plus Syfy gives us RoboCroc!

Two shows make their long-awaited returns this week, including Legend of Korra. But meanwhile, there are dueling TV movies. In one, a space shuttle crashes into the sun with the First Lady on board, sending the Earth back to the Stone Age. In the other, nanotech turns a regular crocodile into... RoboCroc. Truly, we… » 9/09/13 9:00am 9/09/13 9:00am

We learn that Plastic Man sports Batman pajamas on DC Nation

This week in the world of cartoons, Beware the Batman returns, Regular Show and Adventure Time spotlight relationship woes, and we bid farewell to Futurama! » 9/07/13 7:00am 9/07/13 7:00am

Meet DC Nation's Metal Men! Plus a glimpse of the Lego Yoda Special!

This week in the world of cartoons, we spend our last week in the late summer Bermuda Triangle of TV animation. Enjoy clips from Futurama, Teen Titans Go!, an upcoming Lego Star Wars special, and a few shows that aren't normally in the roundup, while some of our faves are on hiatus. » 8/31/13 7:00am 8/31/13 7:00am

Doom Patrol hits DC Nation plus one step to a Unified Marvel Animated…

This week in the world of cartoons, well...lots of series are taking a late Summer vacation. Adventure Time, Regular Show, Beware the Batman, and Avengers Assemble are repeats, but, in the meantime, we have clips from Futurama, the new DC Nation Doom Patrol short, and an Ultimate Spider-Man/Hulk and the Agents of… » 8/24/13 7:00am 8/24/13 7:00am

This Week's TV: An A.I. Revolution, From the Writers of Stargate!

Television loves you. How do we know? Because this week's offerings include the Ghost Shark TV movie. Plus a guide for alien invaders. And a special about the man with the 132-pound scrotum. And most of all, Seth Green is stopping the A.I. apocalypse. Check out clips and details for this week's TV! » 8/19/13 9:00am 8/19/13 9:00am

A wacky Disney/Marvel Crossover plus Metamorpho on Beware the Batman

This week in the world of cartoons, we are treated to an unusual Marvel/Disney crossover, an Iron Man appearance on Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., and a story of Fry traveling through time on Futurama. » 8/17/13 7:00am 8/17/13 7:00am

This Week's TV: How well does the science of Breaking Bad hold up?

This week's TV shows include Syfy's brand new reality show about cosplayers. Mythbusters takes on Breaking Bad. Plus a Phineas & Ferb/Avengers crossover. And the season finale of True Blood. Futurama's Fry is reunited with his dog Seymour! Being Human ends. Here are clips and details for this week's TV! » 8/12/13 9:00am 8/12/13 9:00am

Cartoon Reality Show Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. hits your TV

This week in the world of cartoons, Leela grows some tentacles on Futurama, we are treated to a very interesting new Hulk series on DisneyXD, and an hour-long TMNT season finale! » 8/10/13 7:00am 8/10/13 7:00am

This Week's TV: The Marvel Superhero Team-Up You Never Saw Coming!

We still have to wait a month and a half for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but this week Marvel is giving us the next best thing! Plus the final episodes of Breaking Bad are here. And is Shark Week still worth watching, or has the focus on education and conservation gotten tossed overboard? Watch clips from all this week's… » 8/05/13 9:00am 8/05/13 9:00am