New $1.6 billion supercomputer project will attempt to simulate the human brain

In what is the largest and most significant effort to re-create the human brain to date, an international group of researchers has secured $1.6 billion to fund the incredibly ambitious Human Brain Project. For the next ten years, scientists from various disciplines will seek to understand and map the network of over… »1/30/13 9:40am1/30/13 9:40am


3 Computer Simulations that Changed The World (And 2 That Are on the Verge)

Computer simulations have already massively transformed our ability to study complicated situations and events. We can study the effects of disasters without having to suffer through the real thing, and we can test out solutions. Running simulated events on powerful computers, based on real-life factors, lets… »7/06/12 3:15pm7/06/12 3:15pm