Atlas Robot Breaks Ankle During First Public Performance

Pffft, so much for its reputation as a badass Terminator-style killer android. In front of dozens of journalists yesterday in Hong Kong, the 330 pound (150 kg) Atlas lost its balance and broke its right ankle during a rather simple walking demonstration. » 10/18/13 8:30am 10/18/13 8:30am

The U.S. military's robopocalyptic army is starting to take shape

Everyone, say hello to WildCat, a robotic quadruped that can run 16 mph (26 kph) without tethers. It joins an already impressive cast of conceptual bots, including an updated version of ATLAS — who, as showcased in a must-see new video, may soon appear on an episode of American Ninja. » 10/04/13 9:45am 10/04/13 9:45am

Meet the Pentagon's latest robotic abomination: ATLAS

No, it's not a souped-up version of Robby the Robot — it's ATLAS, DARPA's latest attempt at creating a humanoid robot. Unlike the super-realistic Petman, which was designed to test chemical protection clothing, this 330-pound monster is meant to assist in emergency situations. Riiiight... » 7/12/13 7:30am 7/12/13 7:30am

These biologically-inspired robotic legs are the most accurate yet

There's a new robot in town that may not have the confident swagger of Boston Dynamics' PETMAN, but it does have something special going for it: biological accuracy. Developed by a group of researchers from the University of Arizona, the new bipedal robot is equipped with the fundamental neuromuscular architecture… » 7/06/12 10:44am 7/06/12 10:44am