We've Already Found The Best Video Game Mod Of 2014 [UPDATE]

UPDATE (3:30pm): What we first thought was a bug is actually an intentional fan project, according to Telltale, the company behind The Wolf Among Us. "This is actually a fan made modification using existing game animation assets from a previous episode," a Telltale rep tells us. (The episode in question.) Kotaku's… » 4/15/14 1:55pm Tuesday 1:55pm

Someone's Pretending To Be Obama While Playing Titanfall

Probably the best thing about these videos from GameSocietyPimps is that everyone involved is such a good sport. Often these "character plays a multiplayer first-person shooter" pranks lean toward the cruder side, but this impression artist stays in fairly true character. Imagine Key & Peele's Obama skit but a little… » 3/24/14 5:08pm 3/24/14 5:08pm

What's the greatest science fiction or fantasy comedy of all time?

Science fiction and fantasy can expand your mind and thrill your senses — but they can also make you laugh your head off. Some of the funniest books, movies and TV shows are science fiction. But what's the funniest fantasy or science fiction comedy ever? » 1/07/14 2:12pm 1/07/14 2:12pm

Virginia Woolf's secret career as a science fiction writer who inspired …

Sometimes you come across a satire that sounds so plausible that you wish you lived in an alternative universe where it were true. Such is the case with this article from Check Your Facts about Virginia Woolf's pulp career writing under the pen name EV Odle to make money. The article reads, in part: » 2/28/13 8:40am 2/28/13 8:40am

A startup that will store your data in space — and on Mars

When the world ends, what are you going to do with your data? Luckily there's a startup for that. Off World Backup promises that they can save your data even if "we can't save you." Now you can save your most valued files in a cloud whose servers are located on Mars, the Moon, and various space stations around the… » 12/19/12 2:35pm 12/19/12 2:35pm

17 Things To Do When Life-Extension Technology Makes You Immortal

» 10/31/12 10:07am 10/31/12 10:07am

If we're to believe the predictions of futurists like Ray Kurzweil and Aubrey de Grey, we may be as little as a half-century away from halting the aging process and achieving indefinitely long lifespans. We may or may not get to that point - but it's fun to think about what we might want to do with all that extended… » 10/31/12 10:07am 10/31/12 10:07am

10 Science Policies We Wish the Government Would Enforce

There's been a lot of talk recently about how science is defined and who does it best. I don't much care to follow that, because it makes me stomp around my room shouting at the walls, and that's a waste of time. I'd rather discuss science in a way that makes other people shout at the walls. So here are the ten things … » 2/24/12 10:11am 2/24/12 10:11am

The people behind LOLcats create a science fiction meme site. LOL...…

Are you ready for LOLTrek and LOLWars? I Can Has Cheezburger launched a new site, Set Phasers to LOL, the other day. So far, it's pretty slow going, although I did like the Maury Povich/Game of Thrones mash-up and a few others. If you've been looking for a place to post your funny captions on pictures of Captain Picard … » 11/17/11 12:55pm 11/17/11 12:55pm