Two whales swim alarmingly close to a canoe, and passenger promptly/understandably loses her shit

Ever wondered what a whirlwind of emotions looks like? Wonder no more. Watch this girl struggle to keep an even emotional keel as the whales around her slosh and bob ever-closer to her and her dad's canoe. The combination of suppressed terror and full-bore wonderment is insanely fun to watch — not to mention the… »11/30/12 4:40pm11/30/12 4:40pm

Humpback Whales Teach Humans to Build Better Wind Turbines

Whales have given us a reliable source of energy for centuries: oil for our lamps, wax for our candles, and of course margarine. All that's required to harvest these lovely fuels is wholesale slaughter of the harmless creatures, and that's starting to go out of fashion, mostly because the whales were starting to go… »7/14/08 12:37pm7/14/08 12:37pm