Why Budapest Is Famous For Its Art Nouveau Architecture

The Art Noveau ("New Art" in French) was a popular style of art between 1890 and 1910, known as Jugendstil, Modernisme and Secession. In Hungary it was quite popular; some of the country's most famous architects designed buildings in this style. Some of them were inspired by traditional Hungarian decorative designs,… »2/11/13 5:57pm2/11/13 5:57pm

Hungarian Star Wars posters advertise a movie starring only Greedo and Darth Bucket

Old Eastern European movie posters often took massive creative liberties with familiar plots and characters by remixing them into some wacky cinematic chimeras. In these Hungarian posters for the Stars Wars trilogy, the movies become almost entirely about Darth Vader, a fanged Greedo, and Darth's noble shoulder pad… »3/06/11 10:30am3/06/11 10:30am