Five Beautiful GIFs of Hurricane Arthur Show Nature's Terrifying Power

When Hurricane Arthur made landfall on the North Carolina coast last weekend, it was the strongest hurricane to strike the United States since Hurricane Ike hit Texas in 2008. The storm was downright impressive visually, and these gifs document the latent beauty of nature's power. » 7/08/14 12:18pm 7/08/14 12:18pm

Why Can't We Stop a Hurricane Before It Hits Us?

Hurricane Sandy has caused untold billions of dollars in damage and insane casualties. And we saw the "Frankenstorm" coming, for days in advance. We can send people into space and put vehicles on Mars - why can't we stop a hurricane in its tracks, before it comes to our major population centers and starts rolling for… » 10/31/12 12:18pm 10/31/12 12:18pm

Incredible footage of what happened when a massive hurricane hit New England in 1938

While the eastern seaboard of the U.S. and Canada hunker down and wait for the fury of Frankenstorm to abate, you can rest assured that we've survived worse. In this footage of some of the most terrifying storms ever to hit New England, you can find out what it looks like when major American cities are slammed by… » 10/28/12 9:38pm 10/28/12 9:38pm

Hurricane Ike as Seen from the International Space Station

Here is the outer edge of Hurricane Ike, as seen from the International Space Station. The hurricane hit Texas yesterday, and news stories are claiming a fairly low death toll compared to the disastrous Hurricane Katrina that hit New Orleans in 2005. There have been just over 100 deaths » 9/13/08 3:23pm 9/13/08 3:23pm reported so far. We hope it…

A City Prepared for Disaster Is a City that Looks to the Future

Click to view » 9/02/08 7:00am 9/02/08 7:00am Back in May, that the rebuilt levees in New Orleans were still leaking, despite the fact that storm season had nearly arrived. One example of a leaker was this one, a levee along the Industrial Canal that was patched up for nearly $22 million and barely managed to hold back the waters whipped up by…