Far From Sterile, Some Hybrids May Start New Species

Your schoolteachers probably told you most species wouldn’t (or maybe couldn’t) successfully interbreed with one another. If some did, their hybrid offspring, like mules, couldn’t have babies of their own. That explanation was a bit oversimplified. Hybridization happens, and it may be one way new species arise. »6/09/15 6:30pm6/09/15 6:30pm


That time scientists tried to crossbreed humans with monkeys? They’re making a documentary about it

The big summer blockbuster of 2015? That'll be Star Wars VII. The science-documentary-to-see come 2014? That's a little harder to call, but our money is on Tarzan's Testicles - a "hybrid film" byRomanian director Alexandru Solomon that will examine the interspecies breeding efforts of scientists in communist-era »10/30/12 6:33pm10/30/12 6:33pm