Did you know Lake Superior has ice caves?

For the first time in half a decade, the ice atop Lake Superior has frozen thick enough to provide visitors safe passage to the "Sea Caves" of Wisconsin's Apostle Islands, where centuries of erosive, wave-on-sandstone action have hewn arches, chambers and passageways into the region's various cliffsides. » 2/04/14 6:00pm 2/04/14 6:00pm

In a rare phenomenon, a huge ice disc spins in the Sheyenne River

An ice disc 55 feet across has been spotted swirling round and round atop the water of North Dakota's Sheyenne River. » 11/27/13 2:56pm 11/27/13 2:56pm

The first-ever image of a massive river system on another world

This image was taken by the space probe Cassini, and shows what appears to be a massive river system on Saturn's moon Titan. The European Space Agency reports that it flows 400 km across the cloudy moon's surface, where it meets a large sea. This is most likely a river made of liquid ethane or methane, not water.… » 12/12/12 12:10pm 12/12/12 12:10pm

Record-breaking Flood Surges Down Florida River

A massive water wall churned its way down Florida's Suwannee River earlier this year, making this one of the biggest flood seasons ever for that state. Now we've got images of the Florida rivers that ate farms and roads. » 6/17/09 10:50am 6/17/09 10:50am