Hydrophobic sand turns to goo in water and magically turns back to sand when dry

Hydrophobic sand aka magic fairy dust isn’t something new. But seeing the effects of in action is always impressive. Just watch it go from sand into this metallic goo once it sinks into a cup of water. And even cooler, watch it transform back from goo into grains of sand once it exits the water. »8/22/15 3:30pm8/22/15 3:30pm


Could this "nano polymer" water-repelling spray really work?

Holy crap. Has anybody actually used this stuff? Does it do everything it's supposed to do? It's called "Ultra Ever Dry," and it's marketed as a nano polymer with hydrophobic (water-repelling — literally "water fearing") and oleophobic (oil-repellant) properties. It imbues just about any substance to which it is… »2/08/13 4:30pm2/08/13 4:30pm