Did Life On Earth As We Know It Come From ‘Geological Life’?

When it comes to life on Earth, we're not sure if it came from the outside (transported by comets) or on the inside. A new theory focuses on the "interior " theory, saying that microbes could have evolved from non-living matter such as chemical compounds in minerals and gases. » 3/13/14 9:40am 3/13/14 9:40am

Life Deep Beneath the Ocean Floor Bodes Well for Aliens

This is a new low, even for life on Earth — geologists have found bacteria living 1.6 kilometers beneath the ocean floor, twice as deep as ever recorded before. The simple bugs (one cell pictured, at the end of the arrow) are related to the ones found at deep sea hydrothermal vents, but they represent a stunning new… » 5/24/08 5:12pm 5/24/08 5:12pm