10 Time Travel Books That Need To Be Movies Right Now (If Not Sooner)

Time travel is huge at the movies right now. This Friday sees Hot Tub Time Machine 2, and Terminator 5 is coming soon. But as Predestination recently proved, the smartest movies about time warps are often based on literary sources. So here are 10 time-travel books that would make bloody amazing movies. » 2/18/15 10:28am 2/18/15 10:28am

Bradley Cooper wants to adapt Dan Simmons' Hyperion Cantos for the big…

Bradley Cooper told us that Dan Simmons' acclaimed Hyperion Cantos were among his favorite books. And now he's putting his new star power from Hangover II's huge success towards writing and directing a Hyperion movie. » 5/30/11 1:30pm 5/30/11 1:30pm

Watch amazing full-color video flyby of Hyperion, Saturn's weirdest moon

The Cassini orbiter mission has revealed some absolutely stunning pictures of Saturn and its moons, and now it's branching into video as well. Here's color video of Hyperion, a very strange moon located 800 million miles from Earth. » 12/05/10 5:45pm 12/05/10 5:45pm

Who has the best knockoffs and parodies: Superman or the Fantastic Four?

Superhero comics are full of knockoffs, parodies, and shameless copies of iconic characters. And nobody gets copied more often than Superman and the Fantastic Four. Which of them has the best copy-cat characters? We break it down for you. » 7/05/10 4:14pm 7/05/10 4:14pm

Paranoid Cyberpunk Religious Thriller Gets A Movie Deal

Is Trevor Sands the new go-to guy for science-fiction movie adapations? He's written the screenplay for Dan Simmons' Hyperion Cantos and the Six Million Dollar Man movie. And now he's taking on Jeff Somers' The Electric Church. » 1/21/10 11:42am 1/21/10 11:42am

We Drank Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters, And Lived To Tell About It!

One of the best Comic Con parties was the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy party that Hyperion Books threw for Eoin Colfer's continuation of Douglas Adams' classic series. We drank pan-galactic gargle blasters and talked comic space opera with Colfer. » 7/30/09 12:43pm 7/30/09 12:43pm

Hyperion To Stand Still For New Director

The movie version of Dan Simmons' Hyperion has found its director: Scott Derrickson, the man who helped Keanu Reeves make the Earth Stand Still in last year's remake. Should we be afraid? » 1/30/09 12:00pm 1/30/09 12:00pm

Whatever Happened To Hyperion, Vurt, Count Zero and Logan's Run?

Welcome back to Development Purgatory, where we check on the status of movies that were announced with great fanfare - but never arrived. This time, we wonder why we're not sucking on futuristic drug feathers while watching a movie of Jeff Noon's Vurt. We also check on the movies of William Gibson's Count Zero, Dan… » 7/03/08 3:30pm 7/03/08 3:30pm

Dan Simmons' Hyperion Books Will Be Smooshed Together into One Movie

Although Dan Simmons' literary-allusion-packed Hyperion novels have long been loved and critically-acclaimed, they've always seemed to resist conversion into film. Episodic, cyber-spiritual, and strange, the first novel tells the intertwined stories of several characters trying to get wishes granted by an entity… » 4/04/08 8:20am 4/04/08 8:20am