All the Completely Insane Ideas Hollywood dreamed up for I Am Legend 2

Hollywood really wanted to make I Am Legend 2, starring Will Smith. Even though he died in the first one. Fortunately, this never happened — but producer and writer Akiva Goldsman was happy to share the many failed ideas they had for an I Am Legend prequel and/or sequel. Warning: These ideas are all totally batshit… »2/11/14 5:24pm2/11/14 5:24pm


Attack the Block's Joe Cornish is adapting Snow Crash. Plus is I Am Legend 2 really happening?

Chris Meloni provides tons of spoilers for True Blood. Will Smith explains why he's hesitant about I Am Legend 2. Dominic Cooper discusses the ins and outs of playing Abraham Lincoln's only vampire ally. Brian Michael Bendis says FX's Powers TV show isn't dead yet. Plus tons of Falling Skies spoilers! »6/15/12 9:00am6/15/12 9:00am

I Am Legend 2 (But Not Really Two Cause It Takes Place Before) Is Totally Happening

I Am Legend »9/25/08 12:30pm9/25/08 12:30pm the prequel is now official. Warner Brothers has greenlit the new movie and is ready to roll with the old cast intact (Will Smith). Francis Lawrence will return as the director. My question is are people really going to be interested in the "how we made vampires" story line? I'd rather see more Robert…