Meet a villain who makes Batman run away, in this preview of DC Comics'

In author Joshua Hale Fialkov's rad horror comic I, Vampire, bloodsuckers both good and bad regularly run afoul of the DC Universe's superheroes. For example, the series' heroic vampire Andrew Bennett recently had a run-in with Batman, and the upcoming story arc — "Rise of the Vampires" — guest-stars the magic users… » 3/22/12 12:20pm 3/22/12 12:20pm

In the comic I, Vampire, blood-suckers scared of Superman start a…

One of the more gloriously weird-ass releases of DC Comics' New 52 relaunch was I, Vampire, a horror series about vampires rising up to wrest global control from Earth's flamboyant costumed defenders. On the "Kill All Humans" team is the charming but ruthless Mary, Queen of Blood. On the "Save Mankind" side we have… » 10/24/11 2:15pm 10/24/11 2:15pm