Iain M. Banks gets asteroid named after him

Iain M. Banks has joined a select group of science fiction creators who've received the ultimate tribute, of having a celestial body named after him. The asteroid named Iainbanks is orbiting the sun in the main asteroid belt, every 3.94 years. » 7/08/13 10:53am 7/08/13 10:53am

11 Rules of Good Writing That Iain M. Banks Left as His Legacy

Over the weekend, author Iain M. Banks died of cancer — just two months after announcing that he had less than a year to live. He left behind some of the greatest works of science fiction ever written. Here are eleven Banksian rules of good SF writing, that we would do well to remember long into the future. » 6/10/13 11:03am 6/10/13 11:03am

Iain M. Banks, author of the Culture novels, has passed away

We knew this day was coming, but we hoped that it wouldn't be so soon. Iain M. Banks, author of the Culture series, The Algebraist, and a host of other novels, both genre and non-genre, has passed away. » 6/09/13 9:00am 6/09/13 9:00am

Iain M. Banks explains he wasn't writing science fiction for the money

Iain M. Banks has had two astoundingly great careers — with the middle initial, he's one of the most influential and brilliant science fiction authors of the past 25 years. Without it, he's a great literary author. And some people believe he did the science fiction to subsidize his literary work. If anything, it's the… » 5/21/13 1:20pm 5/21/13 1:20pm

Meet the tattooed heroine of Iain M. Banks' new Culture novel!

We've been waiting for Iain M. Banks' next Culture novel for several years, and now it's almost here. October sees the release of Surface Detail. Here's the cover image, and we've got some more plot details below. Spoilers ahead! » 6/23/10 12:20pm 6/23/10 12:20pm

Iain M. Banks Has Finished His New Culture Novel, "Surface Detail"

At Eastercon over the weekend, Iain M. Banks announced he'd just finished his latest novel in the Culture series, to be called Surface Detail. It will come out in February 2011. » 4/06/10 2:37pm 4/06/10 2:37pm

Iain M. Banks, Please Destroy The Culture!

The Guardian's Damien G. Walter issues a passionate plea to Iain M. Banks to complete an unofficial Culture trilogy that began with Consider Phlebas and Look To Windward. But really, Walter seems to want the Culture to die. » 2/19/10 12:00pm 2/19/10 12:00pm

If You Like These Recent Movies, Here Are Books You'll Love

Movies may thrill us with their huge ideas and set pieces, but you always know that anything a movie did, a novel did it first... and better. If you liked these dozen recent movies, here are some books you'll love. » 11/17/09 4:19pm 11/17/09 4:19pm

With "Transition," Iain M. Banks Reinvents The Multiverse Novel

Iain M. Banks' latest novel Transition, in bookstores this week, will jelly your brains in brilliant weirdness. Banks turns political world-building on its head in this exciting tale of an Earth-based multiverse in turmoil, where dimension-hopping assassins jockey for power. » 9/23/09 4:26pm 9/23/09 4:26pm

Listen To Iain Banks' New Novel For Free

Iain Banks' free podcast of his new novel Transition just launched in the U.S. today, and it's already #11 on the iTunes Top 20 in the U.K. The author is reading 15-minute installments from an abridged version twice a week. » 9/22/09 2:00pm 9/22/09 2:00pm

Iain M. Banks' New Novel: Literary In The U.K., Science Fiction In The…

Iain M. Banks is a giant of modern-day science fiction, so it's dispiriting to read his slightly down-at-the-mouth interview in the Guardian. His book advances are getting smaller, but the good news is he'll be writing more books in response. » 9/08/09 11:18am 9/08/09 11:18am

Why You Should Discover Iain M. Banks' Evil Twin

Iain M. Banks, one of the best writers of contemporary science fiction, has an evil twin: Iain Banks, without the M, crafts sadistic, often surreal, novels about religion, politics and disturbed families. Here's why science-fiction afficionados should read both Bankses. » 8/07/09 9:30am 8/07/09 9:30am